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General Characteristics


  • Miniature, brushless DC, diaphragm pumps.
  • True brushless DC motor, not an inverter-driven AC motor.
  • Motor and crank pin bearings are double-shielded, instrument type ball bearings lubricated for the life of the unit.
  • Pumping section(s) consist of synthetic rubber diaphragms housed in molded plastic or aluminum casings directly driven from the motor shaft by a scotch yoke-crank assembly.
  • Valves are self-biasing, fiberglass reinforced synthetic rubber or other elastomer.
  • No metallic springs are used.
  • Air or gas being pumped contact only the plastic and synthetic rubber areas.
  • All moving parts are completely enclosed.
  • Small physical size and extremely low power drain-to-air delivery ratio; ideal for portable applications where only battery power is available.
  • Motor generates no radio frequency interference (RFI) and all electronic components are contained within the motor housing.
  • Pumps may be mounted in any position.

Life Expectancy

  • Life expectancy is 10,000 hours or more (except diaphragms - see below), continuous duty.


  • Diaphragm life expectancy exceeds 5,000 hours for standard Neoprene. Viton diaphragms can exceed 12,000 hours. Actual diaphragm life is dependant upon service conditions.
  • Diaphragms are field replaceable
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