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NEW...Brailsford is now offering custom machining services


Brailsford & Co., Inc. has been a leader in brushless DC technology for over 60 years.


Proud innovators in miniature brushless pumps, blowers and motors with products known for superior quality and long, reliable life.

All of Brailsford & Co., Inc.'s products are RoHS compliant.


Total control. The critical components of all Brailsford products are manufactured, designed and produced by us in our own facility. We do not use large, mechanized production line equipment and do not import inferior components in an effort to cut costs. From the ground up, we wind our own coils, hand assemble each lamination and build each motor field. We stuff and solder every pc board, design and machine our own molds in our fully equipped machine shop and do all our own injection molding. 100% of our products must pass stringent testing & quality control standards before they leave our facility.

Flexibility. Whether a customer is purchasing one piece or a thousand pieces, we are always eager to provide the right product for your application. Because we are in total control of our engineering & production, most design and performance modifications are easily accommodated.

Reliability. All Brailsford products are built for long life and high reliability. The average life of our product is 10,000 (+/-) hours continuous duty. We frequently receive products for rebuild or repair which have been in the field for 10 to 20 years. All elastomers are easily replaced in the field, and replacement parts are always in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Turn Around. Regardless of whether a product is standard or a special model, we pride ourselves in meeting the delivery requirements of our customers. Our turn around time for small quantity items usually varies between one and three days, and on large quantities and term orders we are rarely unable to meet our customer’s needs.

Reputation. Our reputation was founded on quality, innovation and reliability over 60 years ago. Today those same principles are the core philosophy of our company, and they are the reason that the following industries have and continue to trust Brailsford products for their most critical applications: avionics, defense, medical technology, homeland security, the space lab & space shuttle programs, meteorology, pharmaceuticals, water waste treatment, agriculture, underwater exploration, navigation and many more.

"Our history is notable, our reputation is solid and our future in technology is unlimited."


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